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في هذه التدوينة اردت ان اشارككم اصدار جديد لبرنامج مشاهدة التلفاز على الحاسوب dvb dream ، فهو العملاق لمشاهدة جميع الباقات والقنوات الفضائيه على حاسوبك المكتبي مع امكانية فك التشفير عن القنوات استعانة بالسيرفر بطرقة بسيطة جدا.

v3.0 (14 August 2016) What's New
  • Added Blind Scan tool (for genpix & streamreader interfaces, Main Menu->Tools->Blind Scan)
  • Fixed motor-positioner crash problem, positioner should work finely now
  • Added support for TBS 6290Se DVBT/T2, TBS 6290Se DVBT/T2, TBS 652X DVB CI, TBS 652X DVB CI, TBS 6522, TBS 6522, TBS 65XX, TBS 65XX
  • TBSCI updated (Better CAM support on TBS)
  • Scheduler updated for recent Windows versions, please make sure you run DVB Dream elevated if you want to use Scheduler (Right click DVB Dream icon and run as administrator)
  • * If your device doesn't work with DVB Dream (with its standard BDA interface), you can try streamreader.dll interfaces written by manufacturers or 3rd party versions like CrazyCat's. Just go to main menu->Options->Device and select "StreamReader"
  • * Genpix is still working on new device interface, we will patch this version as soon as genpix DVB Dream interface is ready, so you need to wait for Genpix BlindScan.
  • * You can use BlindScan tool to update transponder *.ini files or to find feeds. It works nicely and can help by listing the frequencies that are not available in the current ini file.

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